Potential Time Tracking Applications

This is a Desktop Only application:
for Windows, macOS, Linux or ChromeOS
• Client or Consulting Work of Various Kinds
• Contracting and Freelance Work - Billable Hours
• Work-From-Home / Telecommuting / Telework
• Time Distribution by Task-Type or Work Category
• Time Distribution by Department
• Time Distribution by Project
• Meetings - Document Date, Time and Duration
• Any Research Requiring "Time Study"
• Scientific Lab Work - Effort or Process Monitoring
• Data Collection for History-Based Forecasting
• Manufacturing or Engineering Process Analysis
• Job Shop - Build, Fabricate or Batch Cycle Times
• Transportation and Travel - Transit Times
• Performing Arts - Measure Durations and Intervals
• Competitions Requiring Time Measurement
• Athletics - Log Training and Workout Sessions
• Institutions Requiring "Positive Time Reporting"
• Institutions Requiring "Effort Reporting"
• Volunteer Effort - Management and Reporting
• Assist with Regulatory Compliance (Grants etc.)

LibreOffice (version 7.6.7)
Microsoft 365 Excel (2016 and up)

(Macros must be enabled in all cases)
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This utility is offered on a "Pay What You Want" basis.
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