Time Tracking Spreadsheet Logbook

Sheet 1 with data example
(Sheet1 - Daily User Input)
This is a Desktop Only application:
for Windows, macOS or Linux
  • Integrate Time Tracking Into Your Office Suite
  • Runs Natively in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice
  • One-Click Time Entry Using Your System Clock
  • Daily and Monthly Totals are Logged Automatically
  • Choose Either 12 or 24 Hour Time Display Format
  • Also Choose [hh:mm] or [hh:mm:ss] Display Format
  • 4 User-Named Tables Per File (20 character length)
  • Use Multiple Files for Virtually Unlimited Categories
  • Save Data to Local Disk or Sync to Remote Server
  • Network Connectivity is Not a Requirement for Use
Sheet 2 with data example
(Sheet2 - Daily Totals)
   More Features

  • Note that this is not a template.
  • Record multiple session times for any purpose.
  • No typing is required after labeling your headers.
  • Simple push-buttons to minimize user effort.
  • No spreadsheet expertise is needed.
  • Files are native and require no installers.
  • Full instructions are inside the workbook.  
Sheet 3 with data example
(Sheet3 - Monthly Totals)

LibreOffice (version 7.1.6)
Microsoft 365 Excel (version 2016)

(Macros must be enabled in all cases)
For further details and secure downloads,
point your desktop or laptop browser to:

This utility is offered on a "Pay What You Want" basis.
Produced in Oregon USA          © Daniel Baran 2021