Time Tracking Spreadsheet Logbook

Sheet 1 with data example
(Sheet1 - Daily User Input)
This is a Desktop Only application:
for Windows, macOS, Linux or ChromeOS
  • Integrate Time Tracking Into Your Office Suite
  • Runs Natively in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice
  • One-Click Time Entry Using Your System Clock
  • Daily and Monthly Totals Logged Automatically
  • Optional 12 or 24 Hour Time Display Format
  • Select [hh:mm] or [hh:mm:ss] Display Format
  • 4 User-Named Lists Per File (20 character length)
  • Use Multiple Files for Unlimited Categories
  • Save Data to Local Disk or Sync to Remote Server
  • Network Connection is Not Required for Use
Sheet 2 with data example
(Sheet2 - Daily Totals)
   More Features

  • Note that this is not a template.
  • Record multiple session times for any purpose.
  • No typing is required after labeling your headers.
  • Simple push-buttons to minimize user effort.
  • No spreadsheet expertise is needed.
  • Files are native and require no installers.
  • Full instructions are inside the workbook.  
Sheet 3 with data example
(Sheet3 - Monthly Totals)

LibreOffice (version 7.6.7)
Microsoft 365 Excel (2016 and up)

(Macros must be enabled in all cases)
For further details and secure downloads,
point your desktop or laptop browser to:

This utility is offered on a "Pay What You Want" basis.
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