As this website is accessed, limited data about each visit is obtained automatically.
This is used to assess traffic with regard to product interest and demand.
It is also important for monitoring site security.
The information is not sold or shared.

Analytics collected include the following:

    • The user's web browser and its version.
    • The user's operating system.
    • The user's IP address.
    • Date and time of the visit.
    • Which pages and files are accessed.
    • Referring websites from which the user reaches this site (inbound links).
Use of Cookies on this site is limited solely to the SiteLock website security function.
The site does not require registration for downloading the utilities or for product licensing.
Names of persons or businesses, street addresses or email addresses are not solicited at all.
Email addresses and other personal information will only be obtained if sent willfully via the contact page.
Such information will be used exclusively for purposes relevant to the site and its products.
Paypal payment information will be used solely for administrative purposes regarding each transaction.
The spreadsheet application itself retains all user data within the file.
Control of the file (and therefore the data) remains entirely with the end user.

Privacy Policy

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