To allow Time Spreader's embedded macros to work in LibreOffice Calc, you must do the following:
                         1.  From the main menu click-through > Tools > Options > Security;
                              Press the "Macro Security" button and select either "Medium" or "Low" then "OK".
                              Note: Setting to "Low" will prevent a "nag" screen when loading.
                         2.  Be sure to close and restart the LibreOffice Calc application before proceeding.

                        It is also recommended to enable differing zoom levels for each of the worksheets (this is optional).
                        To accomplish this, do the following:

                         1.  From the main menu click-through > Tools > Options > LibreOffice Calc > View.
                         2.  Uncheck the “Synchronize Sheets” box under "Zoom".
                    There are several somewhat different platforms on which the Time Spreader utility may be used.
                    This page is intended to help with initial startup requirements relative to your specific situation.
                    If you are already running Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice on your chosen operating system, you
                    can jump directly to the "First-Run Requirements" section for either Excel or LibreOffice.
                    If you are using a Chromebook or other ChromeOS device, there is an additional section to aid
                    with enabling the Linux capabilities in your device. If you have not already done this, it will be
                    needed for the installation of LibreOffice. The initial setup requirements described below are
                    essential to the proper operation of the Time Spreader tool.

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              For your protection, Microsoft has implemented security measures regarding downloaded files that contain macros.
              Previously, the yellow banner (shown below) was the only barrier to running macros embedded in Office files.                       

              As of April 2022, an additional safeguard has been added. You may see the pink banner (shown below).
              If so, you will need to decide to trust the file by ticking the "Unblock" box in the file's properties (also shown below).




                                               Enabling this macro capability in Time Spreader files is essential to their operation.

Enable Editing in Excel

                        Chromebooks and other ChromeOS devices require the Linux environment option to be enabled
                         before applications such as LibreOffice can be installed. Below is the sequence for doing that.

                        1.  From the Settings page, click-through  > Advanced > Developers > turn on the "Linux Development Environment"
                        2.  After the Linux Development Environment is setup, you can install LibreOffice as follows.

                        3.  Open your Linux terminal and run the following command:        sudo apt install libreoffice

                        4.  Once the LibreOffice installation is complete, download your preferred Time Spreader version.

                        5.  Move the downloaded file from the >"Downloads" folder to the >"Linux files" section (or subfolder).

                        6.  After that, follow the above section "LibreOffice Users: First-Run Requirements" instructions.

                              * Note that there are several methods to install and update LibreOffice on ChromeOS/Linux.
                                    Using whatever installation and update method works for you should be adequate.
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