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     • Macros must be enabled in all cases.
     • No spreadsheet expertise is needed.
     • Files are native and require no installers.
     • Full instructions are inside the workbook.

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Time Tracking Spreadsheet Logbook

Daily User Input
Daily Totals Log
Monthly Totals Log
"End of Day" totals will appear here as previous days' entries are shifted downward
Daily totals are merged automatically and sorted
by month for an entire year
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    Licensing Terms

  • Terms of use are very flexible with the following stipulations.
  • This utility is offered on a "Pay What You Want" basis.
  • If you use the tool, please pay an amount in proportion to your benefit.
  • For Individuals, Businesses, Schools, Institutions, NPOs, NGOs or Governments.
  • You may download and try the application without any payment or registration.
  • There are no limited "trial" versions. These are complete and fully functional.
  • Copies may be made solely for user data storage, administration and backup. 
  • Obtaining these files from a source other than this site is expressly prohibited.
  • Do not redistribute or reverse engineer the original files. 
  • All copyrights are reserved by the author.
    The Latest Time Spreader Files   

      Downloads for LibreOffice 7.1.6
               12hr Display Format (hh:mm)
12hr Display Format (hh:mm:ss)
               24hr Display Format (hh:mm)
               24hr Display Format (hh:mm:ss)

      Downloads for Microsoft 365 Excel 2016
               12hr Display Format (hh:mm)
12hr Display Format (hh:mm:ss)
               24hr Display Format (hh:mm)
               24hr Display Format (hh:mm:ss)
Detailed Instructions

(Sheet 1 Screenshot)

(Sheet 2 Screenshot)

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Time Spreader Logo
Simple push-button controls
Time Spreader Logo

Potential Applications


  • Note that this is not a template; it is a ready-to-use application.
  • Easily record multiple session times for any client, task, or project.
  • Fully automated; No typing is required after labeling your headers.
  • Simple push-button operation to minimize user effort.
  • Four user-named tables for easy task switching
throughout the day.
  • Daily totals are tallied and logged automatically.
  • Monthly totals are merged, sorted and saved automatically.
  • Available for both
LibreOffice (free software) and Microsoft Excel.
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS or Linux machines.




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Sheet 2 with data example
Sheet 3 with data example

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How to Enable Macros in LibreOffice

Sheet 1 with data example
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•  Runs Natively in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice
•  One-Click Time Entry Using Your System Clock
•  4 User-Named Tables Per File (20 character length)
•  Choose Either 12 or 24 Hour Time Display Format
•  Daily and Monthly Totals are Logged Automatically
Time Spreader on Laptop
•  Use Multiple Files for Virtually Unlimited Categories
•  Save Data to Local Disk or Sync with Remote Server
•  Network Connectivity is Not a Requirement for Use
Overview & Slideshow Tutorial

Potential Uses & Applications

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•  Also Choose [hh:mm] or [hh:mm:ss] Display Format

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•  Integrate Time Tracking Into Your Office Suite